What if
your body were
in balance ?
What if <br> your body were <br> in <i> balance </i> ?

So, what would it be like if ...?

... life suddenly became easier? – because your body didn’t use up as much energy any more?

... stress were less burdensome?

... you could take bigger breaths, and you found it easier to breathe?

... the headaches would stop?

... you could relax your jaw?

... your teeth were no longer being worn away by grinding?

... your neck weren’t so tense?

... painful shoulders weren’t such a problem?

... back ache just went away?

... menstrual pains disappeared?

... your knees were as resilient as they used to be?

...  bunions were a thing of the past? ... and so you had room for your toes in your shoes again?


What if ...

... your voice had more volume when you sang, and had more power?

...  and you could be more flexible when doing yoga?

A new feeling of vitality.
A new posture.
New perspectives.

Was ist Rolfing<sup>®?
Was ist Rolfing®?
Was erwartet mich?
Was erwartet mich?
Wer erwartet mich?
Wer erwartet mich?

“When the body gets
appropriately, the force
of gravity can
flow through,
then spontaneously,
the body heals itself.”

Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896–1979)