Bettina Hardmeier, Certified Rolfer®


I am the mother of two wonderful, now grown-up, children. Previously, I trained as an opera singer and taught singing. I have also worked as a translator and reviser, and while doing so jointly set up a translation cooperative, as well as undertaking further training in transcultural coaching. Throughout this time, in addition to several years of yoga practice, I have experienced a wide range of body therapies, such as Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, craniosacral therapy and deep tissue massage.

I have never been in any doubt that emotions and blockages have physical origins; this was clearly confirmed by my practice as a teacher, in which my focus was always on working with the body.

Having discovered Rolfing®, I very soon decided that it was the path that I wished to follow. What spoke to me was the fact that it resolves pain, blockages, trauma and ingrained postural as well as behavioural patterns in a caring and effective manner, thus smoothing the way to the inner self.

I completed my training as a Certified Rolfer® at the European Rolfing Association (ERA) in Munich.

I look forward to bringing you back into balance.


I am happy to offer Rolfing sessions in German, English, Spanish or French.